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We want to make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable and we really hope that the piece you purchase adds a vibrant touch to your interior! We’re happy to answer your questions and brainstorm with you what would suit you best. We’ll do our best to help you pick the right piece for you, but we kindly ask you to keep in mind a few things that will help us serve you better.

Pricing, framing and printing

There are Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Extra large of size categories for framed prints. These are identified based on the volumetric size and weight of the final product. You can find a table with these parameters here:
Size category From To
Wood box size in cm Wood box size in cm
Mini 31*31*31 40*40*40
Small 41*41*41 50*50*50
Medium 51*51*51 75*75*75
Large 76*76*76 100*100*100
Extra-large 101*101*101 120*120*120


This is important to understand because every centimeter counts in the final size and price of the framed print. So if you need to modify the size of the print, frame or mat, then this is something to keep in mind. You can find further details on how to calculate all these parameters here :

The volumetric size is calculated as follows : size of unframed print + mat + frame + 10cm extra in height, width and depth for packaging. For example, if you are purchasing a 20*30cm print, its volumetric size is calculated as follows: (20+3cm mat+2cm frame+10cm for packaging)* (30+3cm mat+2cm frame+10cm for packaging)*(2.5cm depth of the frame + 10cm extra for packaging),  which gives us a volumetric size of 35*45*12cm. These measures are consequently used to calculate the volumetric weight for shipping rates. The volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the volumetric width*height*depth and then dividing it by 5000, a constant denominator used by the shipping company.

All sizes indicated on the website are for UNFRAMED prints. The size of a framed print includes an additional 3cm mat and a 3cm frame across small and medium formats. For large and extra-large formats, the framed print includes an additional 5-10 cm mat respectively and a 5cm frame. The frame and mat sizes can be modified upon client’s request.

The prints parameters within the same size category may vary from one print to the other due to the original picture itself. These variations are taken into consideration in the pricing but are bucketed in the online shop for simplification purposes. The exact measurements of each print are indicated in the piece description.

Unframed prints are only available for large and extra-large formats.

The print size and framing options (frame color, mat color and size) are selected online and the framing is custom made for each order so please shop mindfully as changes and cancellations are not accepted once the order has been placed.

The price of a framed print includes fine framing with anti-reflective glass, free shipping to Cairo/Giza/Alexandria, wood box packaging and tax. For other locations within Egypt and for international shipping, additional charges are applied.

The price of an unframed print includes free shipping to Cairo/Giza/Alexandria, tube box packaging and tax. For other locations within Egypt and for international shipping, additional charges are applied.

Each print, framed or unframed, comes with a certificate of authenticity, is signed and numbered by the artist.

The printing is done on fine art print paper of the highest quality (lifespan of 300 years) and using top notch printing machines. However, we do not control the availability and supply of printing material. Should any changes happen in the quality of the paper or printing, we will update the information on the website with available alternatives, modify the price and specs accordingly and confirm with the client their approval of the offered product via email.


All parcels will require a signature on delivery unless requested otherwise. In which case, we will not be liable for any loss or damage done to the parcel.

When the order has been shipped, the client will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

Delivery times

Delivery times will vary depending on the location. Please allow a lead time of two weeks to complete the framing and shipping. We will do our best to complete the order within the mentioned timeframe and will notify the client of any changes. In case you want to receive your parcel on a specific date, please contact us to discuss if feasible.


Payment is processed online or upon delivery.
Order processing is done 9am-5pm from Sunday to Thursday. Yes, we try to keep a work life balance ?


Framing and wood box packaging are included in the final price of framed prints and tube box packaging is included in the price of unframed prints.
Shipping is not included so please get in touch with us for a quote. Any additional charges will be added separately.
The client is responsible for any additional local customs on the order.
If the order is refused by the client’s country by no fault of our own, the client is responsible for any reshipping or extra costs incurred.
The client is responsible for tracking their parcel. Failure in receiving or collecting the parcel might lead to it being shipped back, in which case the client covers the extra costs incurred.


We do not offer returns or exchanges for change of mind, so please spend all the time you need to carefully select your piece. We will happily assist you in the process in every possible way so you make an informed and unalterable purchase.
If your order is damaged or faulty, we will offer a refund or exchange and cover extra postage costs. However, any issues with an order must be reported within 48hours from receiving it, with any returns to be finalized within 5 working days.
Any items returned remain the property of the client until received by us and the client is liable to any items damaged during the return transit.

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