Nut, Goddess Of The Sky


Dimensions: Mini (15 x 20 cm ) Medium (36 x 50 cm) Large (53 x 70 cm)

Inspired by a cosmographical map of Egypt from 330 B.C.

Fine art print made on archival fine art japanese Epson paper. Digitally edited print of original drawing by artist made on papyrus using acrylic colors and gold leaf.

20 limited edition prints available for each color option, regardless of size; Signed and numbered by Dina Shalaby.

Default framing : 3 cm frame and 3 cm mat for medium format. 5 cm frame and 5 cm mat for large format.

Frame/mat color and size can be customized upon request.

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Nut’s story and depiction are the epitome of gentleness and poeticism in Ancient Egypt art. She is one of the most ancient deities, depicted as the loving wife leaning over her husband and brother Geb (the earth).  According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Nut and Geb were totally inseparable leaving no space between the sky and the earth for their father Atum Ra to continue creating. Frustrated, Atum Ra orders Shu (god of dry air) to separate them from their tight eternal embrace. If Shu relents on his job, the eternal order would be disrupted causing unbelievable chaos. However, at night, Nut and Geb still meet as the goddess comes down from the sky, causing darkness. Nut is also the protective mother. After her son Osiris is killed and dismembered by his brother Set, then put back together by his wife and sister Isis, he climbs a ladder into his mother Nut for safety and eventually becomes king of the dead.

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Additional information

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Double Frame Black & Golden, Double Frame Black & Silver, Single Frame Black Wood, Single Frame Golden Wood, Single Frame White Wood, Without Frame