Bird Ladies Bathing In Light


Dimensions: Mini ( 20 x 25 cm )

Inspired by a figurine from Naqada II, Qena, Upper Egypt, 3500-3400 BC. Displayed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Fine Art Print based on a collage designed by Dina Shalaby using handmade mosaics painted with acrylic colors. Digitally edited.

20 limited edition prints available signed, and numbered by Dina Shalaby.

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The earliest Egyptian art created during the pre-dynastic period (4400-3100 BC) exhibits an abstract style that is not common in dynastic times (after 3100 BC). The Bird Lady figurine appears beak-like and probably represents a human nose, the source of the breath of life. She wears only a long white skirt, indicating a high-status individual. Similar female representations are found on pottery contemporary with the figurine and are usually the largest element in the composition, suggesting, as was true in historic times, that the female figure was the most important one.

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Dimensions 20 × 25 cm
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